Tuesday 21 November 2017

Hack Week at DXB

, July 11, 2017

Michael Ibbitson (centre), executive vice president of technology and infrastructure at Dubai Airports, talks tech with hackmasters at an event during the Hack Week hosted by the airport operator in Dubai International’s Terminal 3. Dubai Airports employees and various airport-based organisations came together to discuss, ideate and develop futuristic concepts and solutions for Dubai’s airports at the 10X Hack Week. Concepts and prototypes presented ranged from modular and morphing self-build structures to driverless transport; harnessing energy using unconventional sources through to maximising the use of airport operational data – ideas that could potentially revolutionise airport operations and the aviation industry itself.
Organised by Dubai Airports as part of Dubai’s 10X innovation programme, the Hack Week is part of a series of events aimed to inspire operation and service design experts to develop ideas that are unique, scalable, 10X faster than contemporary solutions using disruptive innovation techniques, which will put Dubai Airports a decade ahead of the competition.

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